Sunday, July 18, 2010

driving SpiRit..... the soul when 'theUn4givenii' speeding and meter speed shown 160km/h...thanks to my theUn4given11 coz bring me that spirit..actually, i experience with 2 accident case today..first accident involve one car himself, proton Waja if i not mistaken..luckily that accident not giving so much crushed on the car means the driver are safe from accident...but for second accident, Ya ALLAH..its make me feel so trembling all over and being startled. that accident involve Kenari and Proton of the car,Proton wira deeply smashed especially on driver's side.. possibly the drivers suffer a great injured from the collision.may ALLAH bless them, i like to stress here, impatient and rudeness will leAD you to being patient and polite behind the wheel..'safety First'..hihihi..........*lepas ni x nk bawak2 laju2 lagi....huuhuuu

.::.....gambar sekadar hiasan.........::.

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